Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Exploring Alternatives

I have decided than in addition to getting letters about our state of health and submitting them to Shani at Shahar, I will also:

1) Walk into Summit in Talpiyot and sit down with someone there and plead my case. I will beH do this one afternoon next week. Maaseh Choshev 4 / 02-563-1350

2) Talk to Niva Ament, an acquaintance of Noa Choritz's, and see if she can help me. (I'm waiting for Noa to get me her contact info.)

3) Explore the option of unofficial fostering. I asked Arnie for leads in this direction and so far he has put me in touch with:

    a) Gitit of Beit Elazraki

    b) Bat-Chen of the Welfare department in Gadera

    c) Sharona Yosef, recently retired head of social work in  Shlomi

I am waiting for emails from Gitit and Bat-Chen. I only have a phone number for Sharona - I will call her when I get up the nerve.

It feels good to have a plan.

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