Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Moving Forward - Because We Will Not Be Stopped

This morning I called an organization called Shahar and spoke to a woman named Shani. I told her that we are interested in becoming a foster family. I told her that we had met with השירות למען הילד about adopting and were told that we were not eligible and to ask about whether fostering might be an option for us. I told her that we do not have clean bills of health and asked whether that would be an issue for the fostering system.

Shani said that yes, chances are it would be an issue and chances are we would not be accepted.

But this time I pushed.

I said to her we have five thriving children, we can prove that we are fit parents. If a child desperately needs a home, would they really not be sent to us, despite the fact that we have a perfectly warm and loving home for them, just because we have a health history that is not even relevant today?

Shani said that maybe, if we get letters from our doctors saying that we are healthy and fit to raise a foster child, that we could get permission to go ahead with the application process.
(She said to get the letters and fax them to her at 077-933-1340.)

I am clinging to this slim hope. That IF both of our doctors will agree to write this letter, then MAYBE the fostering system will agree to let us apply.

I wrote to my doctor to request a letter. I am waiting to hear what he says before approaching Ophir's doctor.

In the meantime I am exploring other options. Just like when Meital told us we couldn't adopt but maybe we could foster, at least I had something to hope for. I am looking for something else to hope for.

I don't think this can be the end of the road for us. We so much want to help a child/ren out there and there is so great a need. It can't be that they will refuse us. There must be some child, somewhere, that we can help.

We will continue to look for him/her until we find him/her.

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