Sunday, February 5, 2017

The First Step

In December 2016, we took the plunge and printed out the adoption application form,

In addition to filling out the form, which asked us about our marriage, our previous marriages, information on our children from this and previous marriages, our health, our education, our work, our home, and our incomes (whew!), we also had to include:

Copies of our ID (teudot zehut)

Copy of our marriage license
Copies of our last three pay stubs from our places of employment

Three character references
A hand-written history of each of our lives (תולדות חיים)
A photograph of our family.

This is the photo we chose to include:

It took us some time to gather everything that was needed, but on February 2, 2017, we submitted the forms to השרות למען הילד - מחוז ירושלים - רח ירמיהו 39.

Ophir brought in the paperwork in person, to be sure it arrived in the hands of the right person. He was told that a social worker would get back to us within two weeks. We are so excited and nervous!